A question for anyone who has experience with UEV on Windows 10.

I been trying to get UE-V working on Windows 10 1909 but just cannot get it to work and wondering if anyone might know what I am doing wrong.

I have configured the storage location for the stored profile data and configured the GPOs.

If I run get-UEVConfiguration and get-UEVstatus on client machines I can see that UEV is enabled and the settings defined in GPO are enabled on machines.

I can see settings being written to the shared folder and this has the permissions as per extactly the Microsoft documentation.

It’s just that the two machines I am testing with, they don’t seem to be getting the settings from the other machines, currently, they both have independent UEV settings configured and they are not mirroring when I log off one machine to login to another. The user I am testing with is in the UEV AD group as well.

I dont know which settings are being configured to the network share.

I have noticed the share I have created for my templates is empty though. Do I need to populate this somehow? I just want to use the default templates, I have no requirements for custom templates.

What am I doing wrong?


Many Thanks team

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  1. Hello – Unfortuntely I don’t have much experience.

    I think it’s worth asking in the following forum?


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