Unable to download monthly patches in the existing deployment share


While trying to download patches for April’22 cycle, a failure occurs. On checking the patchdownloader.log, it shows this error message –

Trying to connect to the \SCCM.ad.example.comrootsmssite_PR1 namespace on the SCCM.ad.example.com machine.
Connected to \SCCM.ad.example.comrootsmssite_PR1
GetContentFileInfoForDownload() failed for ContentID ********. hRes = 0x80041013 .
ERROR: DownloadContentFiles() failed with hr=0x80041013


PR1 is the correct site code it is pointing to. The internet connectivity on the primary server was reconfirmed and FireWall rules allow connections to Microsoft Update sites. The error code looks WMI related, any solution that can be tried before attempting to rebuild the repository on the primary is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Thank you for the answer above. I checked WMI repository and all was good. The repository was consistent, nor could I find any WMI failure event IDs in the application event logs. As a last resort, reinstalled the SMS Provider site system role (on the primary and also on the MP we had configured separately) and the issue is resolved after that. The name of this MP server was in the patchdownloader.log just above the error.

    Patches are successfully downloaded now. Thank you for the help again!

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  1. I don’t think error code 0x80041013 is the actual reason for the failure here. The error 0x80041013 translates to WMI Provider load failure – Source: Windows Management (WMI).

    My recommendation is to check WMI connectivity with WMI Explorer or WBEMTest tool to confirm this. More details https://www.anoopcnair.com/3-free-sccm-admin-tools-for-troubleshooting/

    Try to connect to the WMI namespace smssite_PR1

    Can you see any other errors in patchdownloader.log log?

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