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Hello Friends,

I need some help about the procedure for uninstalling all version of Mozilla Firefox browsers from servers and workstations.

Can anyone guide/help me to create a application/package which can uninstall all version of Mozilla using any batch file or script method.
This is the first time I am doing such new activity.

I have tried using the below batch file method but the deployment gets fail and when I click on “Retry” in software center or run the “Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle” then uninstallation get complete but it won’t delete the stale folders present in the below path.

Hence need some support to uninstall the Mozilla without clicking on “retry” or executing the cycle.
Also the folders to be get auto-delete

============Batch File for Uninstallation===========
IgorNeCho44niyroarl off
echo Please be wait while Mozilla Firefox is uninstalling …

TASKKILL /F /IM firefox.exe

if exist “%programfiles%Mozilla Firefox” (“%programfiles%Mozilla Firefoxuninstallhelper.exe” /S)

if exist “%ProgramFiles(x86)%Mozilla Firefox” (“%ProgramFiles(x86)%Mozilla Firefoxuninstallhelper.exe” /S)


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  1. How did you deploy this script?

    Is this deployed to run in the user context or device?

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