Update of SCCM to the 2107 Version

Should I update my SCCM to the 2107 version as I am doing all my labs on azure?
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Posted by Danish Afzal in HTMD FB Group

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    Hi Danish Afzal,

    The following SCCM versions are supported for the upgrade to 2111 from 2006, 2010, 2103, or 2107.

    As per screenshot you are running 2002 version, so first you need to upgrade to 2107 then after you will get another new version 2111 to upgrade.

    Go head and upgrade directly 2107 from 2002 to your SCCM Server and then go for newer version if it required.


    Replied by Shane Alexander
    You should be seeing 2111.
    Your lab environment version should match your production version until you want to test upgrading your lab environment to a newer version that you then want to upgrade to in production.

    Replied by Mayank Singh Chauhan
    You should upgrade irrespective of your lab platform


    Replied by Aaron Armstrong
    Might as well update to 2111

    Replied by Rimo Cantha
    You must update to the latest version


    Replied by Corjan de Vos
    Where are you using sccm for? Make sure you are always in support

    Replied by Jason Melrose
    Also, I thought there was one more available. If you are keeping a lab to test things similar to work. Then keep that at its pace. As mentioned stay in support

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