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In the Administration/Overview/Updates and Servicing folder if I have available updates and they have passed the Prerequisite checks do I need to perform any sort of backup operation before applying these updates?  Same question about available features in the Features sub-directory.


Thank you.

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    Hello Jitesh, I am currently on CM 1902 and have the prerequisites to upgrade to 2002. I will use the link below as a guide.

    Thank you very much for your quick response, much appreciated.


    Hello Michael, Which version of sccm you’re running currently and upgrading to which version?

    There are several checks that we need to take care of, If you’re planning to upgrade SCCM to the latest CB 2103, You can refer to the below post and let us update!!

    + SCCM 2103 Upgrade Guide | ConfigMgr | Prerequisites | Step by Step


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