Upgrade 2012’s and 2016 Servers to Server 2022


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Question for the community,
My team has been tasked to upgrade our servers OS’s next year.
So creating an SCCM task sequence to upgrade OS’s isn’t recommended?
We have mostly a VMware environment that another team manages now and spins up VMS. Our environment has to upgrade 2012 and 2016 servers to server 2022. We also have standalone servers as well, some on more secure platforms as well… won’t get into that.
In-place upgrades are what the consensus is. What are the pros and cons for folks who have experience with it? Much appreciate any feedback.

Posted by  Steve McKee in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Deepak Rai

    Ronald Dewayne Montgomery Not sure, Sir, but we didn’t have any choice. Either go to Server 2016 from 2012 R2 and then IPU to Server 2022 or do a fresh installation of Server 2022, which involves DB lift and shift which was more complex. We chose the direct method because we have many servers. Approximately 55.

    Replied by Ronald Dewayne Montgomery

    1. A tip: ensure VMWare tools and VMware hardware are both upgraded to the latest versions. We saw a performance increase for the upgrade when we upgraded the hardware.
    2. I don’t see an issue with a simple upgrade IPU. However, 2012 can’t go to 2022. I think you have to go to 2019 and then do a second upgrade if that’s the desired end state. Depending on the server, it may be easier to decommission some of the 2012 servers and start fresh with 2022. I would be very nervous to do two IPUs, one right after the other.
    Having no experience with this path, I would upgrade to 2019 and then upgrade again in a few months.

    Replied by Scott Campbell

    We just did IPU from 2012r2 to 2019. Works great. We just got an incompatibility warning about graphics but continued and worked without issue. We were running the latest VMware tools we could find.

    Replied by Ronald Dewayne Montgomery

    Deepak Rai is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Replied by Kevin Ron Bonus

    Yes, pretty much. Do a snapshot, and IPU your 2012 R2 to 2019; it can’t go to 2022 directly, and it has to be R2 to make the 2019 jump. I’ve rarely seen an IPU fail, honestly.

    Replied by Deepak Rai

    Kevin Ron Bonus It allowed me to go directly to Server 2022 from 2012 R2. I mounted Server 2022 ISO and booted using it. It asks for an upgrade existing OS. I mainly did it for MP’s, SQL DB’s, SUP and Primary sites because those are the most complicated ones when it comes to fresh OS as we need to retain hostnames and IP. Rest DP’s, I did a fresh OS installed the roles and replicated the content.

    Replied by Kevin Ron Bonus

    I stand corrected. Not sure why I said that, even though I have been jumping from 2012 R2 to 2022. Whoops! Sorry for the incorrect info.

    Replied by Ronald Dewayne Montgomery

    Deepak Rai is interesting! Is this officially supported?

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