Upgrade from SCCM 2103 to the Next Version


Hi Experts,

I have currently installed sccm 2103 in our sccm infra and planning to upgrade to the next version but an update in servicing node shows two different updates available one is 2107 and the second is 2111

so please tell me can directly upgrade to 2111, or I have upgraded to 2107 first

Posted by Paresh Bandre in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Mike Gorski

    The general rule of thumb is if an upgrade applies to the version you are currently running, it will appear in the servicing node. If it isn’t then it will not appear until you are running a version that is.


    Replied by James Howe

    Straight to 2111 for you, make sure you also install the hotfixes Once upgraded

    Replied by Trav Eastman

    Depending on your companies policy, some prefer n-1 but yes I have jumped versions before with no issues

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