Upgrade SCCM from Version 2007 to 2111 to Pre-Deploy the SCCM Client Agent on the DP’s

Hello everyone,
I want to upgrade my sccm from version 2007 to 2111. I have many DP’s and some in slow, very slow network connections.
We could somehow manage to pre-deploy the sccm client agent on the DP’s before starting the upgrade.
Meaning that when starting the upgrade process, SCCM will check that the DP has already the new sccm client agent and does not need to upgrade it.
Thank you
Posted by Christopher Oliveira in HTMD FB Group

Answers ( 2 )


    You mean MECM 2007 to MECM 2111 or the old SCCM 2007 to MECM 2111?


    Replied by Keith Dibling
    I’d just build a new one and migrate across.. 2007 is way too old to bother with

    Replied by Raghuveer Sharma
    Nope, not possible. Until you don’t install the CB, it won’t give you the client setup files with the latest binaries. Rest, I strongly doubt it.

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