Urgent Best SCCM Recovery Options



Something went wrong & we lost the entire data for our SCCM Server.

All we have is the data available with us which was backed up by Default ‘Backup Site Server”  maintenance task which include the CM_** database along with CD.Latest folder & few other files.

This is a Standalone primary site.

Current version was Current Branch 2103

But the backup available with us is for Current Branch 2006.


What should be the approach …how we can take forward .like….recovering the site atleast with the existing backup…..


What all needs to be taken care……It is a critical production server.


Help is highly appreciable.



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  1. Sorry to hear this issue.

    This is a bit challenging issue. Because without the latest backup of ConfigMgr Current Branch 2103, you can’t really get everything back…. .. At least you should have the LATEST SQL DATABASE for SCCM 2103.

    If you have SQL DB backup, you can try to restore it from there.

    Old post but still valid for SCCM CB restore using DB https://www.anoopcnair.com/sccm-cb-primary-server-using-sql-database-backup/

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