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hello All, i have a requirement to deploy an application on user collection but citrix vdi needs to be excluded. Means user should only able to see on laptop and desktop not on vdi.


thank you

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    thanks Ankit.

    i am checking the common registry in citrix VDI machines and will try to set the registry based requirement


    Make sure any condition which you are applying should be mentioned in the application requirement you can’t mix and match the user based deployment and device based deployment.

    So try to set it in the requirement don’t try to exclude machines in collections based on query that will not work.

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    I don’t have anything handy, but as I said you can see for any common software that is running on VDI and then try to create global condition with that, check for the existence of that common software on machine and then set it in the requirement of application not to install it that software is present.

    Also why don’t you make the application as available in software center for user and ask them to install where they need it?


    thank you Ankit.

    i have tried on the basis of wql query to exclude on the basis of SKU code but i am doing something wrong.

    would be great help if you will provide something.

    thanks again.


    Haven’t came across this scenario.
    But you can try for anything common in your VDI’s? Like any software which is only on VDI’s or any particular service etc.

    Create a custom global condition for that software etc and add it in your application requirements accordingly i.e TRUE or FALSE.


    Hi Anoop,

    thank you for your response, however i have tried to apply the global condition to exclude vdi but its not working as we can not exclude device collection from user collection. please correct me if i am not correct.

    thanks again for your support.

  1. You can exclude VDI collection from application deployment

    What is the challenge here ?

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