Using Pilot Groups/Update Rings for Deploying changes to your Company Devices


Are you using pilot groups/update rings for deploying changes to your company devices?

What percentage of company devices are in each ring? And what is the reasoning behind the percentage chosen?

Posted by Zarek JuarezĀ  in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Shane Alexander

    Absolutely yes to Pilot. All. The. Time.

    Proper Release Management (and Change Management) is critical in any environment.
    The percentage can vary depending on the complexity, size, and risk appetite of the company/customer.

    You want a broad selection of devices from all parts of the business/divisions/locations/business apps/etc.
    There is no hard and fast rule on percentage, could be 5% absolute minimum, to approx10% optimal. Or even 2 Pilots of around 10% each. Phased deployments can work too.

    Also, look to have a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) phase before the Pilot.

    Replied by Zarek Juarez

    Shane Alexander thank you. This was exactly what I wanted to hear!

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