Using Service Plan to upgrade the win 10 1803 to 1909 O.S but it is not working. error giving. The same error found on couple of machines.


Windows Service Plan error


Attaching the error logs details. Anyone came with the same error?

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Nandan Marathe 11 months 2020-05-30T13:03:36+05:30 3 Answers 135 views Beginner 0

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    You might need to try enabling express update settings etc..

    Also pls enter the appropriate heading … whenever you ask questions in the forum


    0x80240022 this error is a generic error if I understand correctly but can you provide more details on other error logs from the windows 10

    Have you enabled express update SCcm client setting which version of SCcm you are in


      Hello Anoop , Not enabled the express update for the environment. We are running on CB 2002. Which logs should i see for errors. I can see this only in WUAHandler logs.

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