Wake on Lan


I am trying to implement wol

I believe we can use wol for entire site

( or) using client settings.

Since we have VDi and workstations I am going with power management option from client settings.

– I read couple of Microsoft docs and can you confirm whether it’s necessary for enable wake up proxy and use of it ?

– also please let me know whether we need to change bios settings manually on each workstation after configure wol from sccm end.

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    My concern is I don’t want to set up wol for entire site.
    I need to target to workstation collection.

    For client settings I can create custom – power management – target to workstation collection.

    I am not sure how it will take up when I enable wol for entire site – subnet directed.
    Do we get much bandwidth utilisation ?

    Do you prefer using wol feature ??


      Enabling the WOL will not automatically send magic packets to clients until and unless someone does it or you enable it during deployments.

      For that you need to see who all have access to send Wake up packets, you can restrict access also for that.

      It depends how you are going to use it, whether you want to send packets individually or in deployments.I dont think it uses that much of bandwidth.You can always try the settings on a collection and see how it goes.

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    Thank You..
    I seen two methods
    Method 1 – apply wol for entire site from site administration.

    Method 2 – using client settings – power management – enable wake up lan and port 9.

    Can we use second method..

    For second method do we need – any one of 4 types of wol you mentioned above ??


      I think both settings are required,

      Enabling WOL at server side will allow you to choose subnet directed or unicast broadcast option and it will allow you to wake up sccm clients from console.

      Secondly some settings are required to be done on client side for which you will need client settings.



    First you need to understand the different types of WOL options, are you using Subnet directed Broadcast or Unicast.If you are using Subnet directed WOL then no need to use Wake up proxy.
    Each method have pros and cons.Read below article to know the different.


    Also to change the BIOS settings you need to get a package created and get it deployed to machines where you want to implement this example – With use of cctk command line in Dell models you can change the settings of BIOS .

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