we couldn’t complete the update undoing changes


Like so many I have had issues with Microsoft Rollups. I usually have to go to the Security portion in the Rollup. Recently, I tried to install august month patches  after update complete server reboot time getting this error “we couldn’t complete the update undoing changes. I couldn’t get the reason they Reverted. I looked into the CBS log

2021-08-21 12:36:13, Info CBS SQM: Failed to start upload with file pattern: C:Windowsservicingsqm*_std.sqm, flags: 0x2 [HRESULT = 0x80004005 – E_FAIL]
2021-08-28 12:36:13, Info CBS SQM: Failed to start standard sample upload. [HRESULT = 0x80004005 – E_FAIL]
2021-08-28 12:36:13, Info CBS SQM: Queued 0 file(s) for upload with pattern: C:Windowsservicingsqm*_all.sqm, flags: 0x6
2021-08-28 12:36:13, Info CBS SQM: Warning: Failed to upload all unsent reports. [HRESULT = 0x80004005 – E_FAIL]

At the end of the log were a lot of the following message:
Couldn’t mark for pending delete: [ml:78{39},l:76{38}]”SystemRootWinSxSTempPendingDeletes”[l:90{45}]”cdca5383fecfcc0174070000a40e2405.vsstrace.dll”. Reason: [13]”Cannot Delete”
2021-08-28 13:37:04, Info CSI 000002bd ICSITransaction::Commit calling IStorePendingTransaction::Apply – coldpatching=FALSE applyflags=7

Don’t know what Reason: [13] is. I went to C:/Windows/winsxs/Temp/PendingDeletes. Security has Read Only Highlighted, Not Checked. Hidden is checked. I have tried to change attributes with no luck. I even went up the chain with no luck.

please advice

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  1. It’s interesting that you get can’t delete error.
    Have you tried PSEXEC (from system account) to delete the folders/files?
    Some examples are there https://www.anoopcnair.com/windows-10-files-are-locked-takeown-exe-work/


      Solved :- So found this in CBS.log
      2021-08-28 12:56:12, Error [0x01805a] CSI 0000001b (F) Failed execution of queue item Installer: CSI IEFileInstallAI AI installer ({e7354f90-519d-4481-82f6-94f6e851f8f9}) with HRESULT HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(267). Failure will not be ignored: A rollback will be initiated after all the operations in the installer queue are completed; installer is reliable (2)[gle=0x80004005]
      2021-08-28 12:56:12, Info CBS Added C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log to WER report.


      There is no Macromed folder and it is trying to search it. So I had to create Macromed and Flash as subfolder. Installed patches and restarted it. KBs are successfully Installed.

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