What are the ways to manage a bitlocker without MBAM and with integrated SCCM ?



What are the ways to manage bitlocker without using MBAM or Configuration Manager setting and also not with software called Bitlocker to go ?

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manikanta tunuguntla 9 months 3 Answers 124 views Beginner 0

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  1. you want a solution to manage bitlocker without SCCM/MBAM? if so, then you can use the active directory to store the bitlocker keys with limited features and this has been there for very long time.
    If you want to use configuration manager for managing the bitlocker, you can get onto build 2002 and use it. There are some guides on the internet how to manage the bitlocker using configuration manager that should help you to get started.

  2. Hi,

    Starting from SCCM 1910 or higher version MBAM is part of SCCM feature.
    Better you can use 2002 version.


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