What are the ways to manage a bitlocker without MBAM and with integrated SCCM ?



What are the ways to manage bitlocker without using MBAM or Configuration Manager setting and also not with software called Bitlocker to go ?

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  1. The straightforward way is to directly manage Bitlocker with Active Directory, but this adds management complexities. The long standing management tool has been MBAM but now ihe modern way is with ConfigMgr and Intune.

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  2. Hi,

    Starting from SCCM 1910 or higher version MBAM is part of SCCM feature.
    Better you can use 2002 version.


  3. You want to use third party tool to encrypt and manage those encrypted devices…

    There are many vendors out there in the market who proves encryption but I don’t know any vendor who provide direct integration with sccm.

    Are you looking for those vendor details ?

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