What is required to enable Endpoint Manager? What license is needed and MECM version?



I’m struggling to find out if I am entitled to enable Endpoint Manager. We have M356a1 Education license which is equivilent to E3.

Can anyone confirm if I am entitled to use Endpoint Manager please?

Is there an official documention from Microsoft that clearly answers this?

Also, am I correct that MECM 1910 is minimum version required to run Endpoint Manager? I’m hoping to update anyway to get any better features so not too concerned about this.


Many thanks.

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  1. Are you asking about Intune or ConfigMgr license ?

    Intune stuff is pretty much covered with M365 licenses.

    But to have ConfigMgr, you still need to go through all the ConfigMgr licensing requirements like server licenses … SQL licenses ?

    We are licensed for Intune. Do we have to buy ConfigMgr to enable Microsoft Endpoint Manager?
    No – ConfigMgr is already included via your entitlements. For details, see the Product and Licensing FAQ: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/understand/product-and-licensing- faq

    I have purchased EMS or Microsoft 365 through a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), do I have rights to use Configuration Manager?
    Yes, you have rights to use Configuration Manager to manage clients covered by the EMS license. First download and install the evaluation software. Then contact Microsoft Support to obtain the license key. When you talk with Microsoft Support, ask them to reference the internal article ID 4033838.

    endpoint manager licensing https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/licensing/product-licensing/microsoft-365-enterprise

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