What steps involve while joining the two different SCCM environment.


We have two different SCCM console in different domains.
Suppose One Sccm in North America and Other one in India.


I want my machines to replicate to North America SCCM and later I want to manage India devices from there. Note: Both India and North America are in differnt domain.


What you suggest in this case should I create Remote DP and MP for this senerio to do the inital testing?

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  1. I think this is more an architecture question. It seems you need to consider migration or consolidation to one primary server using migration tasks.

    I’m afraid there is no other method to consolidate.


      Oh, this is something I need to dig in more.
      Could you please help me to understand this topic more. I am not much aware about the migration and migration tasks. 🙂

      So any suggestion how start the initial testing:
      – Do I need to configure the initial trust between two domain?
      – Remote MP and Remote DP will help me out here?
      – what else I can do to the initial testing?

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