What will happen if I don’t upgrade my Secondary Site server to 1910 version.


I am about to upgrade my SCCM Primary Site server from 1902 to 1910 version.

But my management wants to decommission the Secondary Site after 2-months.

Hence, they want to know “What will happen if I don’t upgrade my Secondary Site server to 1910 version”.

Please provide me issues that will arise if secondary site is not upgraded like database replication,connectivity issues,etc in detail.

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Rohit Goud

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    It’s not advisable to stop the upgrade on secondary server after upgrade your CAS and primaries. this will impact your replication between primary site to secondary site servers.



    Yes, it leads to performance, SQL based replications, site links etc and may be some unforeseen issues like primary site entering to maintenance mode if you dont upgrade secondary site.

    It is not recommended to run the environment with mixed versions, I think it is even not supported scenario if something is not working as expected.

    Either you decommission and then go for upgrade or upgrade (there is no harm in doing so) and decommission per your business requirement.

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    It’s not recommended to stop the upgrade of secondary even though it’s getting decommissioned after 2 months.

    This might impact your primary server performance as well because of the sql based replication.

    I think Your primary can go into maintenance mode if something goes wrong

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