when deployed a package, the deployment type required works but when the deployment type is made available it never shows up in the software center.


Created a package and when tested the deployment type required works fine as expected. But when i make it available, It never shows up in the software center.

Please assist on what needs to be validated

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    When is the schedule selected to make it available ? Hope you have cross checked the time zone on client machine if that has reached the available schedule
    Also one wild guess (assuming all other mentioned pre reqs are met and still not able to see the entry in software center)
    On your client machine where you are checking software center … can you check if you have a multi user login sessions are there if so log off all the users and login with one ID and then check software center

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    It is the package model. It is deployed to the device collection.
    The date is not set as it is made available. Yes since it is made available it should appear in software center by default Notifications are not hidden



    You have deployed Application or package model?
    On Which collection you targeted User or device collection?
    When you made available deployment what is available start date?
    Did you enabled an option to see the application in software center while deploying application to collection?

    Please provide relevant information to help on this.


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