Where is SQL express on MECM media?


Hi All

Am I right in thinking that MECM 2002 does come with a flavour of SQL express on the same media or does this need to be downloaded separately?

In the past I have downloaded and installed SQL on a separate server but for the life of me can’t remember the process when co-locating SQL on the same primary site server.

Is anyone able to advise?? please?


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    Just to add on this, yes I confirmed it has to be downloaded separately not sure why I thought it was included.

  1. To be honest with you I never noticed sql express in the media starting from sms 2003. May be I never looked for it specifically;)

    I have seen sql client and some other stuff are being downloaded as part of prerequisite checker


    Have you checked there ?

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      ok thanks so normally we expected to download it separately?

      any drawbacks apart from scale of deployment using express version?


      • I think you have to download it separately …

        Drawbacks – performance, and scale maybe …but I don’t have any recent experience with SQL express version.

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