Where it’s possible to set up an MP?


Hi, Anoop again. 🙂

I have seen your post about installing a management point in your blog. Thanks for that by the way.

But I have a question regarding that for you.

Can I install an MP in a stand-alone server? I mean a server other than the primary or the secondary site server?
And if this is the case, then which is the difference between doing that, and installing a secondary site server?

thanks in advance and regards,

Guillermo Vélez



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  1. Hello Again – Yes you can deploy MP to a remote server. This is entirely different from secondary server installation.

    Remote MP will always contact primary server DB to full all the ConfigMgr client requests. In the case of a secondary server, they will have their own DB to host some of the cached information about the policies.

    Same for hardware inventory from the client – secondary server store data on that server for some time and then sent to the primary …but in case of remote MP server it will directly send the hardware/software inventory to the primary server. SO you have more granular control with the secondary server.

    But I would suggest avoiding installing secondary server wherever possible because that secondary server added a lot of complexity like DB to DB replication between Primary DB secondary server DB…

    This type of Setup of MP is called the remote Management Point site system.

    So you need to
    – Navigate \Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\Sites
    – Right click on site server and select Create Site System Server
    explained in https://www.anoopcnair.com/install-a-new-sccm-management-point-roles/

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