Win Server 2008 R2 ConfigMgr installation failed Client Push Manually


Hi Deepak,
My Configmgr installation keeps on failing with Windows Server 2008 R2.
Both Client Push & Manually got failed..
SCCM : 1910
Few Errors on ccmsetup.log
Its a critical File Server & cannot reboot .

>Failed to get client version for sending state messages. Error 0x8004100e
>Failed to send status 100. Error (87D00215)
>Couldn’t verify ‘’ authenticode signature. Return code 0x80096005
>CcmSetup failed with error code 0x80004005

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    Hello Deepak,
    Thanks for your reply..

    Please find the information asked below :

    1. No , we are not using Co-Management.
    2. Yes, I am able to ping.
    3. Yes, There was Configmgr client installed earlier. The SCEP was not getting updated , we removed the same & in the process we removed the Configmgr client as well.

    4. Yes, when we are talking about Manual Installation, i have copied the full client folder on the said server.

    5. Yes , we could see various file (, ccmsetup.exe, MobileClient.tcf, MobileClientUnicode.tcf ) during the Client Push Installation but the files are not appearing during Manual Installation.

    6. I have followed your Blog.
    a. Checked WMI Repository.
    b. Checked DCOM settings. Remote Launch & Activation permission given.
    c. Don’t have Root\CCM & Root\SMS namespace . Deleted during a clean un-installation.

    Have you checked the another Log file related to Client Push Installation.

    Lately , we have installed SCEP manually also, but it never updates.

    During Client Push Installation…. CCMSETUP.LOG displays below error..

    —> Unable to connect to WMI (root\ccm) on remote machine “*****”, error = 0x8004100e.

    Execute query exec [sp_CP_SetLastErrorCode] 2097172941, 0
    Execute query exec [sp_CP_SetPushRequestMachineStatus] 2097172941, 4
    Execute query exec [sp_CP_SetLatest] 2097172941, N’05/15/2020 18:15:36′, 10

    CCMSETUP.LOG says…..
    Domain joined client is in Intranet…

    It keeps on checking few details…Look for MP & then Suddently it shows….
    Client is on internet… I don’t know why…

    Kindly check the above details..



    Hello Deepak, I went through the logs and found interesting things. 🙂

    It’s not allowing me to paste screenshot so putting the lines.

    Couldn’t verify ‘C:\Windows\ccmsetup\’ authenticode signature. Return code 0x80096005
    Updating MDM_ConfigSetting.ClientDeploymentErrorCode with value 2147500037 ccmsetup
    OS is not Win10RS3+, ENDOK. ccmsetup 5/8/2020 12:59:07 PM 4904 (0x1328)
    Failed to load mdmregistration.dll with error 0x8007007e ccmsetup 5/8/2020 12:59:07 PM
    Deleting Comanagement reg keys… ccmsetup 5/8/2020 12:59:07 PM 4904 (0x1328)
    Failed to connect to policy namespace. Error 0x8004100e ccmsetup 5/8/2020 12:59:07 PM
    Failed to revoke client upgrade local policy. Error 0x8004100e ccmsetup 5/8/2020 12:59:07 PM

    Ok So let’s fix it.
    1. Are you using co-management?
    2. Could you please ping the commandline you used to initiate the installiation?
    3. Was there any client installed before(Any older version) prior to this installiation we are trying to do right now?
    4. Did you copy the full client folder itself to the server where you are trying to install SCCM Client?
    5. Do you see components downloaded in C:\Windows\ccmsetup? There should be many supporting file.
    6. Can you please refer my blog and follow the basic troubleshooting steps explained first.
    7. If it didn’t fix then we will move to next level.


    Hello Deepak Verma,

    I am back and let’s fix it. Sorry i was occupied on a critical project.

    If you don’t mind sharing the log to [email protected]?

    I am not sure how to get the logs uploaded in our forum. Will check with Anoop on this one.


    Try the manual way as I explained

    Make sure boundary groups are configured correctly


      Followed the article….Tried manual installation as well.
      Its not going through..
      How can i share ccmsetup.log file….Both for Client Push & Manual Installation.
      Please help here…

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