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i am looking to start precaching our IPU. with alot of users remote some dont connect to our VPN will some have direct connections back to the office. i am using modern driver management so it has to connect to our sccm server do download the driver otherwise the precache failes. i wanted to put a check in to make sure it could connect to the sccm server in order to make sure the precache works.  i was thinking some sort of ping test but wasnt sure the best way to do that or if someone has something they are willing to share.

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    i figured this out i was able to leverage a the build in variable to check its talking to my ibcm or internal mp.

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  1. Even autopilot hybrid domain join is using ping test to check the connectivity to on-prem domain controllers

    So that might answer your question;)
    Why Microsoft not using any other method apart from ping test

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