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what is the detection method for Windows 10 feature upgrade? After upgrading some machines from 1709 to 1909 the machines are keep on rebooting due to the feature upgrade? is there any detection I can add in a machine to stop the frequent reboot?  how can I stop this reboots?

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    after the reboot is the OS upgrade successful or it shows similar behaviour always ,in that case you need to check whats preventing the upgrade .
    panther logs in windowsbt can give some idea


    We have normal client setting. Reboot the machine after 1909 upgrade. Currently these machines are sending 1909 OS details in the hardware inventory so no issue with the compliance.

  1. Hello Akash, Review computer restart device settings! As well checked User Experiences > Device restart behavior.

    How are you controlling the restart behavior ? Is devices getting only restart after installation of updates ? Please add your settings details that will help to identify.

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