Windows 10 patch deployment failed.


Hello Team,

Due to Covid-19 situation we have deployed software updates via VPN. But deployment got failed most of the systems with error code “0x80072ee2” in WUAHandler.log what cloud be the issue?

We have followed the below link to configure the setup:


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  1. Hello All,

    Thanks for the help.

    After disabling Branch-cache in SCCM client settings failed systems count is decreasing.


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  2. Are you able to connect or telnet to your SUP on 8530 and 8531 from VPN connected machine

    Also are you able to access MP cert and MP URL from VPN connected machine ?

  3. Hi sir,
    I would check the boundaries first; do you use Supernet .
    Check with Networking Team and get the IP Address Range if they provide you like this
    so you need to convert this to IP Address range - ,,,,

  4. I will follow the log files

    The flows which you need to check things from client side
    1. Locationservices.log – Check whether it’s able to find WSUS Path= and Distribution Point with patches
    2. WUAHandler.log to check whether scan is completed or not
    3. Updatedeployment.log – Check for deadline of the assignment and Software Updates client configuration policy, DetectJob completion received for assignment, Added update (Site_, PercentComplete, etc…
    4. Execmgr.log – Execution is complete for program Software Updates Program
    5. RebootCoordinator.log – Reboot related things

    • Hello,

      We have checked the logs as you mentioned in above reply.
      Locationservices.log- Get the correct WSUS server but content are trying to download from local system.
      WUAHandler.log- Scan completed.

      Updatedeployment.log- i am getting multiple line like “Update (Site_16E989D0-D81E-42B3-B9C5-1B7F9E1EAB79/SUM_146dd9b5-ab3f-4933-a810-4d5d458c2356) Progress: Status = ciStateError, PercentComplete = 0, Result = 0x80072ee2”

      Execmgr.log- didn’t find anything related to patch.
      RebootCoordinator.log- No reboot pending.

  5. Hello,
    boundary and boundary group Configured as per MS article. Scan also completed but failed download or failed to install.
    Just like to inform out 1000 systems 150 systems are compliment but other are failed.

  6. Hi,

    Make sure that software update scan is successfully completed on those machines. if the device is connected via VPN network.

    Ensure VPN subnet is member of boundary and boundary group.

    Check below log files:

    Karthikeyan. A

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