Windows 10 Power management Preference mode using SCCM


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Need one help to configure No Screen lock policy using SCCM for specific Win10 devices. Is there any way to create package in SCCM, In the package we can configure default power settings after that user can change as per requirement.

We have configure the below settings through Customized peak (ConfigMgr) but it enforce mode.

SettingPlugged inBattery
Require a password on wakeupYesYes
Turn off hard disk after:NeverNever
Sleep after:NeverAfter 15 minutes
Allow hybrid sleep:OffOff
Hibernate after:NeverAfter 30 minutes
Lid close action:Do nothingDo nothing
Power button action:ShutdownShutdown
Start menu power button:HibernateHibernate
Link state power management:DisabledMaximum power settings
Minimum processor state:5%5%
Maximum processor state:100%100%
Turn off display after:After 30 minutesAfter 10 minutes
Adaptive display:OnOn
Critical battery action:HibernateHibernate
Low battery level:10%10%
Critical battery level:5%5%
Low battery notification:OnOn
Low battery action:Do nothingDo nothing


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    Hello Amit, You can configure the value based on your settings in powershell scripts shared by Anoop.

    – As well you can collect the information for every settings and prepare a single scripts or you can go with Registry for each settings and merge in single reg file. A lot of open options based on your environment, Apply it through SCCM | MEMCM.

    Reference link –


    Hello – You can deploy PowerShell script mentioned below using SCCM Configuration Item options to deploy

    Feel free to change the values accordingly :

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