Windows 10 Sep Update + Impact of Running WSUS with HTTP SCCM


Hello Anoop Sir,

Quick question related to the recent blog published on our HTMD.

I have 2 WSUS Servers. One Downstream synced with MS update catalog and accepts connections only over HTTPS, The other one is HTTP.

I am on MECM 2006. Yet to install the latest hotfix.

Server OS 2012 R2 on primary.

September patches not installed yet.

No Proxy.

I have an SCCM + WSUS environment with HTTP communication and another one over HTTPS.

My question is:

Windows 10 clients communicating over HTTP will fall back to HTTPS if scan failed over HTTP after installing recent patches?

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  1. If you don’t use USER (authentication) proxy for intranet communications then you are fine.

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    This affects if you are using HTTP with proxy.

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