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Hi All,

Windows Update Concern. I recently upgraded my computer from Windows 11 V.22H2 to Windows 11 V.23H2 using SCCM. The update took without an issue and my computer is now on Windows 11 V.23H2. Unfortunately, I have not received any monthly Windows updates since going to this new release. I initially thought it was due to an outdated version of SCCM, so I updated our SCCM infrastructure to 2309, which is the latest one available from Microsoft. My machine has the latest SCCM client on it from the 2309 update.
I created a new Software update group that includes the .NET update, the 11-2023 Cumulative Update and Microsoft Edge Update. The only update that has been processed is Microsoft Edge.
My normal monthly deployment includes both the V.22H2 and V.23H2 updates, and neither one is installed. My current patch level is October 2023, when my computer was on Windows 11 V.22H2.
Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Replied by Steven M. Salter

    This is probably about the dual scan.

    Replied by Malik Mohd Ashraf

    Update your software catalogue and check Windows 11 to receive patches.

  2. Replied by Caryn Coyle

    Another screw-up from MS! Lots of complaints have been logged, but none of the solutions have worked consistently for me.

    Replied by Corjan de Vos

    Look in the wuahandler.log and updathandler.log. Next to that, you can try scanning online for updates and see what update it is receiving and compare it with what you have in sccm.

    Replied by Srikanth Boddupalli

    I had the same issue. The release 23h2 in sccm is the Dev/Beta version. In order to patch it, you need to enable those update categories in your Windows update catalogue.

  3. Replied by Dany Bouchard

    The only moment you need to upgrade W11 to w11 is when you use W11 21H2.
    Otherwise, just use enablement packages.

    Replied by Dany Bouchard

    Try to delete the software distribution folder and retry. I’ve seen some similar problems with some server upgrades.

    Replied by Todd Lamberth

    Dany Bouchard, I have deleted the Software Distribution Folder, and still no updates are coming through. I did not see an enablement package for this version in the SCCM downloads. The 23H2 download upgrades it successfully, but then none of the updates come down but show as compliant in the SCCM console.

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