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I am facing client communication issue also application deployment is getting failed / client keeps continue is unknown state with  Windows 10 system where Windows Defender firewall is enabled. (as a workaround i need to disabled the Windows Defender firewall to complete the deployments)

Would appreciate if could share the basic requirement and setting to deploy software’s on the client systems using SCCM.

Do i need to disabled windows defender firewall ?

Is it mandatory to get access of default admin$ share client system from SCCM server to deploy Office application packages ?

Is it mandatory to get access of default admin$ share of the client systems from SCCM server to install software update ?

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krisyada1989 11 months 2020-09-11T17:46:57+05:30 1 Answer 78 views Beginner 0

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    I responded to this duplicate post here:

    SCCM Software deployment + Windows defender firewall issue

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