Windows office Updates are failing in software center. Error code: 0x87D00668


Error code 0x87D00668: it appears that even after the software update was applied to the system, but it did not satisfy the conditions for making the system appear as patched. Office 2013 updates are not getting installed in windows 10 PC. The system does not have office 2013 installed but still getting the patches in software center. The system only has office 365 installed. I have tried all possible steps including office cleanup, reinstalling SCCM Client, Stopping windows updates services, deleting the Software distribution folder, deleting the Registry.pol file from C:windowssystem32GrouppolicyMachine location. There is no error found in the log files either after manual trigger of the installations. No fix seem to work. Any help would be appreciated. I have also tried to fix the Windows update component using DISM and performed a SFC scan but that does not work either. The failed updates keep appearing in software center. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hopefully, you might have already resolved this issue. Closing the ticket. Feel free to comment if you have a feedback.

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    I think this could be because of possible Office 2013 registry entries or some other components that are still available in that particular device.

    Can you confirm whether you have had office 2013 installed on this device? Probably Configuration Manager is somehow detecting office 2103 in the device.


      I have confirmed that the user does not have office 2013 installed, he only has 2016 office installed. I have tried a full office cleanup as well and manually cleared the the possible office 2013 registries, but that does not help either.

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