Windows update services is in stopping state



I believe restart server does not fix.

Please help with suggestions.

I found to use below command

taskkill /f pid “pidno”

But I seen that there are many services with same pid no and not sure whether we can use in prod server

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  1. You can try doing it as Jitesh mentioned
    That won’t harm the device
    It’s good troubleshooting step

  2. So killing the services using pid is not recommended. Am I right ?
    I need to check for latest ssu and check event logs

  3. You can’t find out the reason for this Windows Update service …. you might need to install the latest SSU or something in the event log etc might give you some clue

  4. No I got from task manager.
    I ll try this.
    So post this i need to use taskkill command ?

  5. Hello, Had you run the following command with administrator privileges to check the PID.

    sc queryex wuauserv

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    • I ran the command and found the pid id.
      Can I run below command now
      Taskkill pid “pid no” /f

      Since there are multiple services with same pid. Will it harm the server.

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