WSUS on sccm secondary server unable to sync with primary server


Hi All,

My newly sccm secondary server (WSUS) unable to sync with primary server. No errors in WCM or Wsync log file in primary or secondary.

Action taken so far:
– SUP has been installed & configured & detected in logs as well (primary server log)
– Ports are open (8530, 8531)
– Performed the re-indexing of SUSDB
– When try to synchronize WSUS, the console gets reset error (need to connect again)

– Attached (softwareDistribution.log)

Please advise ur valuable inputs, i am running out of ideas to fix this issue.

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    – Removed WSUS role from server.
    – Cleanup the files & registries with respect to WSUS & rebooted the server.
    – Install & configure the WSUS role & able to synchronize it successfully.
    – Install SUP role and able to sync with upstream server successfully.

    Not sure what was it causing…but above steps help me to fix the issue.

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  1. Try to connect to DB using WSUS console from the secondary server and check the error if you can see any errors

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