Dear All,

I am trying to install WSUS role in win server 2012 r2 datacenter edition where my sccm standalone server resides and in the same server i installed sql server 2016 sp2 with SSMS.

The issue is

The post install of WSUS keeps failing ..



I am running the post install  from WSUS node in server manager rather than Launching post install task from NOTIFICATION in server manager….

Things checked

WSUS  and IIS service is up and running.

In WSUS pool ,Private memory limit set to 0



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  1. Hello

    Is this step where you are getting the error?

    Complete WSUS Installation
    Launch WSUS from Server Manager
    Click on RUN


      Yes after I run , the post install fails with the mentioned error ..

      One more thing , I am trying to reinstall WSUS not first time ..

      In your video I saw the SUS_DB was created after post install of WSUS but here in my case I could see the SUS_DB even before the post install of WSUS


    Per your video only I bulit my sccm server sir …
    Everything went well but i had sync issues and removed sup role.

    So i reinstalled wsus and now im stuck in post install

    Let me attach the screenshot of the error…not sure how to attach sir

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