WU Server : SCCM Primary Site Address : 8530



For the clients at the secondary site , the WU Server address was defined as of WSUS address for Primary Site. Therefore Clients travel all the way over WAN & reach to Primary Site for windows update.

This was basically misconfigured via some Group Policy.

Now i have removed the Group Policy …..Boundaries are also corrected somehow.

Now, How do i change this registry value to use WU server for Secondary Site for the clients residing under Boundary Group for Secondary Site.

Client re-installation is the one way…..which i have tested and after re-installation , clients are getting the correct WU Server address automatically.


Please suggest.

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  1. I got this info from Microsoft docs

    Intranet clients can use a CMG software update point
    Starting in version 2006, intranet clients can access a CMG software update point when it’s assigned to a boundary group and the Allow Configuration Manager cloud management gateway traffic option is enabled on the software update point. You can allow intranet devices to scan against a CMG software update point in the following scenarios:

    When an internet machine connects to the VPN, it will continue scanning against the CMG software update point over the internet.
    If the only software update point for the boundary group is the CMG software update point, then all intranet and internet devices will scan against it.

  2. One option is from console itself ..client notification -> Switch to next SUP

    Have you tried that ?

    More details available below


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