WUServer for co-managed device


we are using co-management in our infra, All workload being managed by Intune, but when we see windowsupdate.log it says  “WSUS server” is our CMG URL, is it default by behavior.

On regisry : WUServer = “CmgURL”

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  1. I think your devices are getting updates directly from WUfB instead of WSUS.

    If so, everything should be fine and the registry or log file might be showing the WSUS details because the device is co-managed and sccm client is installed.

    Have you seen same with only intune managed device ? I hope it (WSUS entry) won’t show up


      Hi Anoop,
      In windows update log says “Got WSUS Client/Server URL: https://xyz.abc.com” (CMG URL)
      But all the load moved to Intune, confused if No load managed by SCCM why it is requesting to CMG, Client should request direct Microsoft not CMG.

      On Intune managed device there is no value on registry .


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