WVD Multisession Win 10 SCCM Patching requirements


WVD Multisession SCCM Patching : Unable to see any MS updates are applicable in SCCM 2006 for all WVD Multisession Win 10 2004 (Build 10.0.19041.329 ). Could see only Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool x64 – v5.86 (KB890830) & Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Updates are getting installed. Security or Cumulative updates are not showing as required. WUAHandle shows “Successfully completed scan”. Please Advice.

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    I have seen that on Both WSUS and SUP this product ” Windows Server, version 1903″ was not enabled. Will enable it now and run the sycn and check on it. Thank You Sir.

  1. Windows 10 Multi-session in ConfigMgr + WSUS shows as “Windows Server, version 1903 and later” under SUP (Software Update Point), “Products” tab.

    Have you enabled this product?

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