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During the External VAPT , we found above issue with the IBCM Public FQDN. We are using Internal CA certificate for IBCM.

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    Hello Sir,
    This is a Web Server Authentication template….we used.
    We are using HTTPS only for IBCM connected clients.
    Encryption used is SHA256RSA .
    We are using 2008 CA .
    One of the point in above screenshot ..It says : Intermediate certificate is missing…

    How do we find the Intermediate Certificate in case of internal Certificate Authority.

    How do we use Intermediate CA here.

    Like in case of External CA…The vendor used to provide the ROOT , Intermediate & Wild card certificate as per requirement.

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  1. I think the details of certs would be helpful to understand the scenario

    Which template is used to create the internal PKI certs

    And what is the encryption used while creating the PKI certs

    Hopefully, you are not using Server 2012 CA servers 🙂

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