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Hi All,

Hey guys – question about lock screens and location:
We want to have a specific lock screen for our UK staff for next month.
Any tips on how to do this pls? The main HQ is in the US, but we have about 500 staff in the UK

Posted by Patrick O’Frani in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Rene Hcabeu

    Dynamic groups depend on timezone settings

    Replied by Patrick O’Frani

    Micko Jeremia Castrén how?

  2. Replied by Kovács Attila

    Patrick O’Frani Well, for the users, you can use location attributes

    Replied by Vitalij Charitonov

    Patrick O’FraniI do believe that for dynamic user groups, you can use location

    Replied by Micko Jeremia Castrén

    Instead of groups, I would suggest you create filters. They have much less delay in applying to objects compared to groups.

  3. Replied by Patrick O’Frani

    Kovács Attila Maybe actually. I’ll have a look. Thanks

    Replied by Vitalij Charitonov

    You can use the dynamic group for this

    Replied by Patrick O’Frani

    Vitalij Charitonov Based on what?

  4. Replied by Kovács Attila

    Create a config profile and assign it to the UK machine’s group

    Replied by Patrick O’Frani

    I don’t have a specific group for the UK. Does this mean I’ll have to create one and import each machine manually? Or is there a query in the config profile that can select machines based on the location of the user?

    Replied by Kovács Attila

    Patrick O’Frani Not even for the users?

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