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Hi All,

Kindly assist with this scenario….. I have Netbio’s name of machines on Excel…how can we add these bulk(400 plus) machines to an already existing group in Intune…… I do not have access to Azure Ad in my environment, have only Intune portal access via a privileged access management role…..

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  1. Replied by Simon Hardy

    If you don’t have access to MS Graph API with at least enough permissions to manage groups in Entra ID, then you’re not going to get very far in terms of automating that activity. It may be possible to script an interactive logon with your existing credentials (assuming the role has been granted already) and for the script to then act as you and do the bulk lookups and changes.

    Replied by Billy Cross

    The simple answer is you can’t do this; you lack the permissions. You need someone with Entra Admin permissions and use Powershell to add them via azure ad Powershell or graph API.

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