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Hi All,

I don’t think this works. Scenario:
I have an AD domain, a very basic 1 ad server with 2000 users and about 100 devices. I also have an Entra ID that is not ad-synced yet. So seperate. Moving forward now. I want to add devices that join AD into Intune, but at this stage, I don’t want to reset them and join them. Just want to hybrid join them, and when time is needed, then just join them to Entra ID. Can I do this without ad sync users and only sync devices? Only about 100 ppl use devices out of 2000 users

Posted by Steven McKenzie in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Ingo Flink

    Steven McKenzie just syncs the one you need to. Don’t need to sync all accounts. You have to clean up anyway when the users leave. Just my 2 cents. You can configure it any way you want, but it will make it harder for you later. The more exceptions you make in the basic setup, it difficult everything else is. I have seen those setups, and later, it takes more time to fix

    Replied by Steven McKenzie

    can hybrid device sign in using Entra id on hybrid devices

  2. Replied by Steven McKenzie

    Ingo Flink understands, but could ad sync just devices?

    Replied by Ingo Flink

    Steven McKenzie, sure you could do this. Why don’t you wanna sync the users as well?
    Also, when you do assignments later in intune. You could not address any user group assignments. Sound to me like you’re overthinking this

    Replied by Steven McKenzie

    Ingo Flink is probably overthinking it. Core users 150. Then every 3 months, 250 new users are added, and 250 users are removed and just feel it is easier to manage in 365 than AD. Especially with all proxy addresses etc. I don’t want to ad sync at all, but it will be the easiest and quickest way to move 60-80 pc into a cloud

  3. Replied by Mike Gaigelas

    Make a separate OU and just sync the devices if you want with AD sync. I just did a hybrid rollout for 65 users and devices. Had a few things to get past for everything to work well, especially Windows Hello.

    Replied by Steven McKenzie

    Mike Gaigelas that is what I was thinking, but also thinking of not doing users at all

    Replied by Mike Gaigelas

    Steven McKenzie that should work just fine

    Replied by Ingo Flink

    If you have no ad sync running hybrid, it out

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