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Effective December 1, we want to allow only ABM devices to be able to enrol into our environment by toggling off the “personally owned devices” option in our iOS Device Platform Restriction. However, a 3rd of our devices are non-supervised devices. Can I create another iOS Device Platform Restriction to only allow the existing non-supervised devices to be eligible for re—enrollment if they are wiped or retired from Intunen until they are replaced with a new ABM device?

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  1. Replied by Surya Kiran

    If they are corporate devices, with the help of Apple Configurator 2, add all non-supervised to ABM and enrol it.

    Replied by Mohamed Elwan

    Yes, you can, new platform restriction with higher priority assigned to the same user group.
    Enrollment restriction is not applicable for corporate enrollment and can’t be assigned to the device group

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