Allow Outlook to Work on Android/iOS from the Company Portal not from the App Store


Is there a way to only allow Outlook to work on android/ios if it’s accessed from the Company portal and not if it’s downloaded from the app store.?

Posted by Mickey NcubeĀ  in HTMD FB Group

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Vidya M A 2022-03-17T12:10:10+05:30 3 Answers 22 views 0

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    Replied by Mitchell Scott

    Mickey Ncube yep sure do, but from memory, I don’t think there is anything in the app protection policy that ensures it’s downloaded from the company portal.
    I’ll have to have a look at work today for you.

    Replied by Marccuss Darling

    Your best bet is the option Scott presented.

    You have to be cognizant about the partitions that are created on the device to manage company-owned apps and access as well as what the user can do or the actions they are allowed to do for what is considered personal.

    If all the devices are company-owned simply remove the public App Store from being accessible on the devices.


    Replied by Mitchell Scott

    Mickey Ncube iOS or Android? My S21 on Android Enterprise will not allow me to install Outlook again after its been installed by the Intune required apps policy.

    I don’t have an iPhone with me at the moment to test.

    Replied by Mickey Ncube

    Mitchell Scott, it’s on both Android and IOS. Seems not to work on IOS. Did you have an app protection policy associated with it?


    Replied by Mitchell Scott

    The easiest way would be to make the app required for all users.

    That way, it will download and install when the phone is run-up (from Company Portal) and cannot be installed again.

    Replied by Mickey Ncube

    It’s already set as required. But I’ve noticed that users can still download it outside of the company portal and install it, enter MFA and start using it.

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