Alternatives for Windows 11 Image Deployment


Hi All,

Looks like WDS is partially deprecating imaging for Win 11. What’s everyone using for Image deployment?
We don’t have SCCM and MDT won’t work either.

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    Replied by Andreas Erber

    You can just use the Win10 boot WIN, works fine. Or use Cloud OSD, which I recommend.

    Replied by Micko Jeremia Castrén

    OSD Cloud

    Replied by David van Beek

    check or this helps


    Replied by Bob Jackson

    I think Johan has some unsupported powershell driven stuff to make MDT work.
    Autopilot yes is a big thing moving forward but till Autopilot does bare metal we have to have a path for the bare metal scenarios.

    Replied by Miles Ellis

    You can hack MDT with some VBS to get it to work

    Replied by Andre Williams

    All I need is PXE for SCCM “Dodgson. We got Dodgson in here!” “See nobody cares.”


    Replied by Christian Jackson

    Can I ask though, those recommending autopilot as the modern way… doesn’t there still need to be a method to easily deploy win11 on PCs (that are new, or come with wrong OS/edition, replaced SSD Etc) … especially in education or large businesses.

    Replied by Mike Leach

    Autopilot is the more modern approach.

    Replied by Linda Burns

    With MDT having a big foot print out there, why would they just stop supporting it. A lot of people aren’t using Intune, cloud yet. It may take them a few years.

    Replied by Tony James

    MDT doesn’t work with Win11? We’ve been using it to lay vanilla images for some time now


    For More Details How to Configure Default Apps in Windows 11

    Replied by Stuart Watret

    MDT doesn’t support win11 officially but it works. Spend half an hour sorting that and move on.

    Replied by Dan Nieves II

    MDT is the official deployment for Win 11 images. You can get pretty granular with it. In fact, this is what is being taught in infra based certs now.

    Replied by Jeff Irvine

    Having to rely on Intune to do things in a timely and consistent manner is why I still have MDT for imaging. Thankfully it’s still working for deploying Windows 11 for us. I just don’t update MDT.

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