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Hi All,

I have a question regarding Android enrollment etc
When we buy an Android device through a Zero Touch reseller – we will get the policy assigned from Intune
If we have a different Android device bought without zero touches but enrol the device through a QR code right when the device is turned on – is the result the same that the device is a company-owned device?
I know when a device is wiped, the non-zero touch device will not be forced to enroll as a company device – but else is the rest the same?

Posted by Peder Jensen in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Peder Jensen

    Ismail Kirik hmm – but if you reset the device by USB connection with ADB or similar, will the device still be locked by earlier enrollment?

    Replied by Ismail Kirik

    Peder Jensen never tested that part out, but if I think clearly, it must be locked.

    Replied by Matt Cooper

    Depends on how you are assigning configuration profiles, etc. Dynamic Device, user etc…
    It is going to use the same enrollment profile.

  2. Replied by Ismail Kirik

    We are using only Android devices without zero-touch and Knox. They are indeed company owned devices after we are enrolling them with a QR code.

    Replied by Peder Jensen

    Yes – but the potential issue is, of course, then if someone “steals” the device, they can reset it, and next time when starting up, they are no longer a company device as company enrollment is then not forced as it is not zero-touch

    Replied by Ismail Kirik

    Peder Jensen, exactly thats the only thing that will happen. But resetting an android device that is managed in Endpoint isn’t that easy. Work account is on the device, and if you lock the device, they cant reach on it.

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