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Hi All,

I am currently new to Android Intune enrollment.
Is there another option to enrol an Android device without wiping/factory reset with a token or QR code for enrollment?
Note: We only purchased our company devices via the online store and no particular vendor since we only have a few users

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  1. Replied by Patrick O’Frani

    I buy phones from Amazon and then enrol them myself before handing them to users since scanning QR codes seems to be so difficult for users to follow ‍♂️

    Replied by Rajesh Kumar


    Replied by Dave Neumeyer

    I am migrating the last of our Android users off Miradore for Intune, and they have all been advised the devices will be wiped. I will backup data as much as possible, but they should be using OneDrive for most things. Contacts I backup manually as a precaution.

  2. Replied by Vitalij Charitonov

    Yes, users can manually download the company portal and enrol using company credentials. As a result device will be enrolled as personal with a work profile

    Replied by Anonymous member

    Ah tried with the company portal but was hoping to do it with a QR code since it will be much easier for users. Possible with a QR code without a factory reset?

    Replied by Walter Baymax Fraser

    Anonymous member the QR code is used when you have a new device and want to enrol it into enterprise management, the only way to get back to the QR code is to reset the device as it only gives you the option during setup if you tap enough times

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