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IMG_2165We wanted  to add the ability to uninstall apps when outside of Kiosk Mode.
We have a device with an app that needs reinstalling and we can’t reinstall without completely wiping the device.
We wanted to understand that when we are pushing an application to Kiosk device it takes a time to get reflect. also we have Managed Home Screen that layout is designed , we have added some apps on screen 1 and screen 2 but if we do any modification in setting then it takes time on android to get reflect.

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  1. Have you synced the device manually? Default policy sync cycle could cause the delay? But it should be a problem at the time of initial enrollment.

    iOS and Mac OS X: Every 6 hours.
    Android: Every 8 hours.
    Windows Phone: Every 8 hours.
    Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 PCs enrolled as devices: Every 8 hours.
    Intune management extension (IME) policy Cycle is every 60 minutes similar to SCCM default policy settings.

    BTW, I don’t understand the exact problem here. You might need to check the logs from the company portal and Intune portal to get more details.


    adding video for an affected devices

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