Android Tablets with Azure AD Shared Device mode


Hi All,

I have a few users using Android Tablets with Azure AD Shared Device mode and am finding that when they sign out and give it to the next person it seems to be remembering the last person that signed in on some apps and it’s painful to switch users
Specifically it’s the Microsoft SharePoint app that’s not signing out. Tried everything I can think of, does anyone have any suggestions?

Posted by Sean Charters in HTMD FB Group


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  1. Replied by Lee Burridge

    Marty James shared devices are the devils work nothing but grief.

  2. Replied by Sean Charters

    Ismail Kirik I assume that’s the option under Device Restrictions > Applications
    I have tried that one with no success.

    Replied by Ismail Kirik

    Sean Charters yeah there you can put any app that you want.

  3. Replied by Ismail Kirik

    There is a option that always delete all the app info and cache settings. Maybe that can help you with this issue.

    Replied by Marty James

    Yep. I gave up, as only couple of apps are supported, SharePoint NOT being one of them, so it’s pretty limited in its use case tbh.

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