Android Zero Touch Enrollment


Hi Team,

Please need some clarification on Android Zero Touch Enrollment.

1,  Is this feature available in production ? I don’t see it in my intune console.

2, does this feature support for existing android devices ? If so, please advise how to achieve.

3, Is it good to use to feature for Android COD devices ? please advise if any disadvantages.



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  1. I remember this feature demo in Ignite session using QR code scanner etc…

    I think it’s available To use Google’s Zero Touch system, the device must support it and be affiliated with a supplier that is part of the service. For more information, see Google’s Zero Touch program website.

    Create a new Configuration in the Zero Touch console.

    Choose Microsoft Intune from the EMM DPC dropdown.

    In Google’s Zero Touch console, copy/paste the following JSON into the DPC extras field. Replace the YourEnrollmentToken string with the enrollment token you created as part of your enrollment profile. Be sure to surround the enrollment token with double quotes.

    And more details ->

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