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Hi Team,

We are testing by deploying an App ( Bomgar Remote Support Tool) using Intune.

We have tried deploying the app via both method ( win32 and lob ), it looks to be multiple instances running on the machines. It is not getting installed as expected. We have both package .exe and .msi file.

1, what is best option to deploy an app, is it win32 or lob method ?

2, Any suggestion for this multiple instances running.




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    Fine Alex! Can you please start looking at logs that will get you there easily, If any other process preventing from installation.

    I had already shared the link above for your reference.

    Let us know your detail analysis with respect to Intune for further help.


    The Win32 app type allows much more control over the way you configure (app information, program, requirements, detection rules, return codes) and troubleshoot. A line-of-business (LOB) app is typically written in-house.

    More you can read -Intune Application Model Deployment Guide |

    What’s the behavior of Bomgar Remote Support Tool when you installing it manually. Sometimes if multiple installation is in progress, Its preventing other apps installation. Just try to execute it manually and check your observation.

    + Intune Win32 App Troubleshooting Client Side Process Flow

    Let us update!


      Hi Jithesh,

      Thanks for your reply and for sharing the link.
      I missed to update the information. Yes, when installed manually it works fine. This is our current workaround.


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